Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans find a new home in Peru

Americas Now

Desperate Venezuelans continue to flee to neighboring countries looking for a better life. One of those countries is Peru.

Peru led the Lima Group of Latin American nations and Canada in backing Juan Guaido, the self-proclaimed new “acting” president of Venezuela. The group expressed despair over Venezuela’s economic collapse that led to the largest exodus in the region’s history.

The U.N. estimates more than three million Venezuelans – a tenth of the population – have left since 2015. Peru is one of the most favored destinations for those migrants seeking new lives. By the end of 2018 over half a million Venezuelans has relocated to Peru.

But as Correspondent Dan Collyns reports, the country is slowly closing the door.

Other countries like Ecuador are also taking measures to slow down the migration of Venezuelans. The government announced it will require a police record document issued by Venezuelan authorities before crossing the border. Several advocates warn that document is very hard to obtain.