A look at how countries around the world ring in a new year

China 24

It’s not just the Lunar New Year that’s got people celebrating. Countries across the globe ring in their own, special ‘new years’ with every culture and calendar.

CGTN’s Jessica Stone reports.

In Algeria, the Berber people have already celebrated their new year on Jan 14. Last year, it became a public holiday.

As many as 260 million Orthodox Christians around the world celebrated their new year in mid-January, many with Christmas markets.

The Julian calendar begins the year in January. Sri Lankans take the plunge into the new year in April. People celebrate with games, parades, and blessings for the elephant: a sacred animal in the Hindu faith.

When the world ushered in 2019, there were fireworks, toasts, and parades celebrated on Jan 1. It was a moment that despite multiple new year celebrations throughout the year, is shared by all.