Majority of Cubans vote “yes” on new Socialist constitution


Majority of Cubans vote "yes" on new Socialist constitution

Cubans have overwhelmingly voted to adopt a new constitution. It guarantees the development of the island’s socialist system, but with a new model.

CGTN’s Luis Chirino filed this report from Havana.

Millions of Cubans went to the polls on Sunday, with a majority voting to adopt a new constitution in a national referendum that will push forward social and economic changes.

Alina Balseiro, the head of the National Electoral Commission, announced the official results during a news conference on Monday.

In adopting the new constitution, Cubans approved a series of reforms which recognize owning private property and foreign investment.

The referendum also included government restructuring, which empowers municipal administrations, establishes a prime minister’s office, and imposes age and term limits for the president.

“It is very positive, because it is renovating what some political scientists call the social contrast between society and the state,” Political Analyst Rafael Hernandez said.

“I think it is more than that, I think it is basically the renovation of the citizens’ conditions, the role of the citizens and the emphasis on the role of the citizens is a fundamental part of this constitution.”

The new constitution has been adopted, but now it needs to materialize through the passing of new laws that make its articles tangible policies for the advancement of the country, and to the benefit of the Cuban people.