Fireworks industry helps drive economy of small Mexican town

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Fireworks industry helps drive economy of small Mexican town.04

When it comes to fireworks, one of the best displays you’ll witness anywhere in the world is in a tiny town close to Mexico City. It’s the little town of Tultepec, and it runs on pyrotechnics.

CGTN’s Alasdair Baverstock filed this report from Tultepec, Mexico.

Tultepec’s economy is based almost entirely on their pyrotechnics manufacture and sale. Every year, spectators and industry professionals from across the world attend its annual exhibition. Many come to compete for the crown of top pyrotechnician.

“For us it’s amazing, because normally when we do shows, we buy the pyrotechnics. They are already done,” German pyrotechnician Laura Lutger said. “Here we get the chance to go to the people and see how they are made, and in fact some of the parts of the show we made with them.”

This year, Tultepec’s annual event drew fireworks industry leaders from Europe and South America. Many people consider Tultepec the pyrotechnics capital of the Western Hemisphere While a number of deadly fireworks accidents have cost dozens of lives, the town’s industry and passion for fireworks continues to draw big crowds.

Tultepec’s annual festival is also a chance for the town to showcase its latest innovations to the world.

“Tultepec makes 80-percent of all the fireworks used in Mexico,” Mexican pyrotechnician Manuel Urban said.  “This is a flagship event for us, to show off our products to the world. We show off our talent, and ability to compete on the international level with quality, design and teamwork.”

It’s also a chance for visitors from around the world to see the cutting edge of pyrotechnics, a growing global industry that is projected to grow by more than $2.5 million by 2022.