Forensic scientists in Argentina are solving crimes dating back decades

Americas Now

A team of forensic investigators in Argentina has been identifying bodies and their cases include disappearances during the country’s dictatorship. They’re also presenting scientific evidence in court to help families get justice.

The Argentina Forensics and Anthropology team is an independent organization that’s been lending its experience to investigations for more than 30 years. 

The team was first tasked to help identify the remains of victims of the country’s military dictatorship. Since then they have been involved in solving high profile cases across the region and around the world.

The team’s success rate led them to begin teaching and sharing their expertise with similar groups in Latin America.  And as Correspondent Joel Richards reports the team is also very busy at home.

The Argentina Forensic Anthropology Team recently launched a new campaign. They are looking for people to come forward and provide DNA so they can identify the more than 600 unidentified bodies they still have from the country’s military dictatorship. They hope to bring closure to the families.