Survivors of the Sri Lanka terror attack share their harrowing stories

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Survivors of the Sri Lanka terror attack share their harrowing stories

The survivors of Sunday’s suicide bomb attacks in Sri Lanka are trying to cope with their losses. 

Although the death toll has been revised down to 253, the ones who have survived are still dealing with unimaginable losses.

CGTN’s Ravinder Bawa reports grief is turning to rage.

Anusha kumar stares into darkness as there is no hope left she says. On Easter Sunday she lost her husband and two children in an explosion at the St Sebastian Church in Sri Lanka.

Her anger rises at the lapse on government’s part but her grief takes over.

“If they had informed us our cardinal would have protected us. We would have been vigilant of our surroundings. I saw the bomber but when he exploded only then I realized that it was a bomb. If I knew he was bomber I would have hugged her to protect her. I would have saved my child she was right next to me,” said Anush Kumar.

Anusha’s mother-in-law Teresa has lost all counts.

That dreadful day seven dead bodies were brought to her house. Her son and daughter and five grandkids.

Teresa’s son-in-law feels as alone as her. Pradeep Sushanta was waiting at the gate of the church for his family to come out after the mass and in a fraction his wait has become endless. He was the first one to go in after the blast to find his children dead and a half alive wife who later passed away in the hospital.

These explosions have left behind many lifeless families. With the death toll rising everyday, funerals and burials for victims are taking place everyday.