China’s Tsinghua University ranked number one in Asia

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China’s Tsinghua University in Beijing has just been named the best university in Asia.

The London-based weekly magazine Times Higher Education released its annual ranking.

CGTN’s Gerald Tan reports.

Higher education in Asia is coveted and competitive. But it’s often not just about getting into a university; but, also, which one.

And as so-called tiger parents search for brand recognition and reputation, there appears to be more reason now to look closer to home.

The Times Higher Education listing surveys more than 400 universities across Asia.

These institutions represent the top five, judged on factors ranging from teaching and research, to influence and international outlook.
1. Tsinghua University
2. National University of Singapore
3. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
4. University of Hong Kong
5. Peking University

Chinese universities occupy four of the top five. And for Tsinghua University in Beijing, there’s a particular honor. It’s the first time a university on the Chinese mainland has claimed the coveted top spot.

Established more than 100 years ago, Tsinghua is one of China’s most prestigious schools. A comprehensive research institution, it’s become a model for government efforts to modernize and globalize the education sector.

China is increasingly a source and hub for international students. As hundreds of thousands of Chinese students go abroad each year – many others are turning to Chinese universities for their advanced degrees.

This latest accolade is another reason why.

Wang Huiyao on Chinese university’s latest international rankings

Dozens of Chinese universities have been named among the best in Asia, with Tsinghua University taking top spot for the first time. CGTN’s Elaine Reyes spoke wtih Wang Huiyao for more. Huiyao is the founder and president of the Beijing-based think tank, Center for China and Globalization.