Chinese players make strides in MLB on Brewers team

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Chinese players make strides in MLB on Brewers team

Major League Baseball is in full swing in the United States.

While the teams are all based in North America, many of their players are scouted from around the world.

For the first time this year, one team signed three Chinese players.

Coaching staff is hoping time in the American Minors will prepare these young men for the big leagues.

CGTN’s Dan Williams reports.

Welcome to the future baseball talent of the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Minor League is where the stars of tomorrow hone their skills and aim to take the next step towards playing Major League Baseball and among this talented group are three players from China.

“They are like really athletic. Every time they do a workout, they do 100 percent and they are going out there and competing,” said Hiram Burgos of the Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Coach.

Lun Zhao is a right handed pitcher.

He’s fast, recording pitches at 152 kilometers an hour. He believes his experience here can take his game to the next level.

“I can learn a lot. There’s a lot of opportunity. And good coaches. And good players. I can challenge myself. So it is very good,” said Lun Zhao of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Jian Yi is also a right handed pitcher. He sees himself as a role model who can inspire other talented Chinese players.

“I think we can help more or less. After all, we represent a new start. There will be more people coming here to play alongside us,” said Jian Yi of the Milwaukee Brewers.

YongKang Kou is a first baseman. He was given the chance to show his talent in a practice game in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I will definitely train hard here and learn from others modestly. I will learn more and ask more every day. Especially in techniques, I need to watch and learn more. My dream is to become a player of the Big League,” said YongKang Kou of the Milwaukee Brewers.

And according to the coaches, that is a realistic prospect.

“Any player who have a jersey on, has the potential, they have a chance to keep climbing the steps here and levels. For sure, they do have a chance. They are here… and the way they go about their business, is unbelievable. They will be successful in their professional career,” said Hiram Burgos the Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Coach.

These three players are looking to achieve their dreams and in the process, they are also blazing a path for more Chinese talent to follow.

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