US leader hopes for more talks with DPRK

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US leader hopes for more talks with DPRKUS leader hopes for more talks with DPRK

Could a new summit between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea be in the works?

Donald Trump says Kim Jong Un wants to meet but not until the current military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea end.

This follows a series of short-range missile launches from the DPRK.

CGTN’s Toby Muse reports.

President Donald Trump says that he received what he called another “beautiful letter” from Kim Jong Un, where he says the DPRK leader apologized for recent missile tests and said that he wants to restart negotiations over possibly ending Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

Trump said the DPRK was upset by recent joint military exercises between the Republic of Korea and the U.S., something Pyongyang views as preparations for an invasion.

“He’s not happy with the testing. It’s a very small testing that we did but he wasn’t happy with the testing. He put that in the letter. But he also sees a great future for North Korea. And so we’ll see how it all works out. In the meantime, I say it again. There have been no nuclear tests. The missile tests have all been short range, no ballistic missile tests, no long-range missile,” said Donald Trump the U.S. President.

The DPRK fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea Saturday, according to the Republic of Korea’s military. This is the fifth set of missile tests in the past three weeks.

Trump himself has criticized the exercises with the Republic of Korea, complaining of their expense.

The U.S. and the DPRK have been in talks over ending Pyongyang’s nuclear program, and although both leaders speak of warm personal relationships, there has been little advancement on the issue.