United Nations site of diplomatic troubles over Iran and DPRK

United Nations

United Nations site of diplomatic troubles over Iran and DPRK

Hopes of salvaging the 2015 Iran nuclear deal are fading fast at the United Nations.   But there are promising signs for a breakthrough between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

CGTN’s Nathan King looks at the two diplomatic standoffs.

U.S. President Trump takes aim, rhetorically, at Iran. The recent attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities have raised tensions to new heights. But, the question here in New York is will there be war or more pressure to try and bring Iran to the negotiating table.

“At the same time he takes all these incremental steps that are taking him closer and closer to a military conflict the saber-rattling, the rhetoric, even after the firing of John Bolton it seems like the tensions are rising. I think the thinking in Tehran is that he doesn’t want a full on war and Iranian hardliners are definitely using that,” said Negar Mortazavi an Iranian-American Journalist & commentator.

This week in New York, the European signatories to the Iran nuclear deal say Iran was to blame for attacks on Saudi Arabia, siding with the U.S. Iran continues to deny this and is ratcheting up pressure on Europe to keep the terms of the deal and deliver promised financial incentives.

“There is this strategic thinking in Tehran that you can bring up the pressure to basically to have more bargaining chips if you were to go to the negotiating table and at the same time open the door to diplomacy. So this kind of tension doesn’t certainly mean Tehran is closing the door, in fact it could even mean that they are having more hope and prospects for starting something,” said Negar Mortazavi an Iranian-American Journalist & commentator.

While hopes fade on Iran, talks with the DPRK are showing signs of life. While Pyongyang has been testing short-range missiles in recent months, the firing of hawkish U.S. National Security advisor John Bolton led to positive words from Pyongyang. And here in New York, the U.S. president said the 4th meeting between him and DPRK leader Kim Jong Un could happen soon.

“Clearly, the North Koreans said our time has come-an opportunity now exists that did not exist as long John Bolton was National Security Advisor. So, yes, this is very important,” said Brian Becker the Executive Director of the ANSWER Coalition.