Local politician’s ear bitten off at Hong Kong protest

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Local politician's ear bitten off at Hong Kong protest

A local politician’s ear was bitten off during a brawl at a Hong Kong protest at a shopping complex.

After a weekend of violence in Hong Kong, Chief Executive Carrie Lam has been summoned to Beijing.

Lam will travel to the capital Tuesday where she will meet with Vice Premier Han Zheng. He is in charge of Hong Kong affairs.  Lam’s trip was announced with just two-day’s notice.

After another night of violence and destruction, shops, banks, and institutions that have links to the Chinese mainland have suffered significant losses.

During a protest at a mall, blood was spilled during a brawl and knife attack. A local politician’s ear was bitten off.

CGTN’s Ge Yunfei reports.

As the weekend erupted into violence and chaos, rioters targeted anything related to the Chinese mainland.

Their latest focus was the Hong Kong branch Xinhua, China’s state news agency.

After the attack, the Xinhua News Agency released a statement, strongly condemning the violence by rioters.

As a global financial center, Hong Kong is an essential place for Chinese banks. And they have suffered vandalism for months.

Yvonne Yuen is a local resident working at the China Construction Bank. She says fear is now spreading among her colleagues.

“For myself as an employee of Chinese company, I’m scared, because we have been pointed out for attack by the rioters,” said Yuen.” We’re very sad. We’re just doing business here. We’re attacked just because we’re a Chinese company. We provide jobs and serve the community. We don’t express any biased views. I don’t know why.”

Yuen says her bank has already warned employees to keep alert and watch out for their personal safety

“When the company knows the schedule of the riots, it will email us, saying we could leave the office early. And sometimes it requires us to give a safety report when we get home,” said Yuen.

International chains like Starbucks and Genki Sushi were not spared.  Protesters attacked those stores after a family member of the local franchise owner likened the protests to riots and voiced support for the authorities.

As Hong Kong slides into an economic recession, the continuing attacks on businesses are only deepening the effects of the havoc.