More US firms join China International Import Expo 2019

World Today

With U.S. and Chinese officials still hammering out a trade deal, there’s been much uncertainty for businesses on both sides of the Pacific. But the dispute has not dampened U.S. interest in trading with China.

CGTN’s Gerald Tan reports.

The governments are still in talks, but their companies are ready to do business. The second China International Import Expo is showing signs that U.S. firms are more willing than ever to strike deals with Chinese corporations.

They’re occupying a combined exhibition area of 47,500 thousand square meters. That’s nearly a third more than last year.

In total, 192 companies from the U.S. are exhibiting. And they include a wide range of sectors, from aviation to services and logistics. Some big names include General Motors, UPS and Deloitte.

Telecoms equipment company Qualcomm is showcasing achievements with Chinese partners in 5G cellphones, artificial intelligence and smart cities, among others.

Making a second appearance is GE. The General Electric Company is unveiling products and solutions for China’s clean energy development. And it’s seeking greater ties with the government to help it defend product patents.

“We’re in a product and technology business, so IP, intellectual property, is really the lifeline for us,” said Rachel Duan, the President and CEO of GE’s Global Growth Organization “So, continue to improve the IP protection, particularly around the enforcements in the provincial, in different provinces, level is critical for us,” she added. 

During last year’s CIIE, participants struck deals for goods and services worth $57.83 Billion.

And if it’s any indication that expectations and interest are riding high,  more than 100 companies have already signed up for the 2020 Import Expo, a whole year before the event is due to take place.