China and Brazil beef up trade

World Today

China recently cleared 25 more meatpacking plants in Brazil to export to the Asian nation. Included are facilities processing beef, chicken, pork and even one for donkeys, with the full list now totaling 89 plants. It’s a sign of the growing trade in meat between Brazil & China. Brazil is also expanding into other emerging markets. 

Paulo Cabral reports. 

Much of the meat consumed around the world originates in Brazil. The country is the world’s top producer and exporter of beef and the second-largest producer and exporter of chicken. Pork exports are also growing.  

Food commodities, like meat, are key elements in Brazil’s foreign trade. And an increase in demand from big emerging markets – like other BRICS nations – has been an essential driver of growth in this industry over the last 20 years.   
“We do not want to diminish the importance of other importers, but the dimension of the trade with China and the commercial success of this trade turns China into Brazil’s main commercial partner when it comes to beef and other products,” said Antonio Camardelli, President of Brazilian Association of Beef Exporters.  

And it’s not only beef. Brazilian company BRF, one of the largest food processors in the world, sells a lot of its chicken and pork products to China and sees opportunity in other BRICS nations.  

Brazil has a long tradition and successful track record in meat production and exporting. Expanding further into markets in China and other BRICS countries — is part of the strategy here to keep this industry dominant.