Hong Kong protests: Volunteers help clear streets of aftermath

World Today

Some Hong Kong locals are taking it upon themselves to help return order in the city.

CGTN’s Zhao Yunfei reports.

Protester rallies carry on across multiple districts in Hong Kong. Rioters throw bricks, set up barriers, and disrupt traffic. Metro stations are closed, telephone booths smashed, and traffic lights vandalized.

But it’s not all bad. Some selfless volunteers routinely gather ahead of the morning rush hour, to clear roadblocks and allow cars and buses to drive through.

“The rioters should examine their consciences,” said one of the volunteers. “I hope they won’t attack those involved in clearing the roadblocks. Everyone needs a peaceful living environment. If you can’t keep to that bottom line, how can you talk about politics? I’m just a normal resident. I don’t know about politics, I’m just speaking from my heart.”Media outlets report several cases in the city, of volunteers being attacked by protestors.

A 70-year-old man died Wednesday after he was hit on the head by a brick.

The brick was reportedly thrown at the man when he attempted to clear the road.

But as the weekend approaches, more rounds of demonstrations may once again destroy public facilities. The volunteers say they’ll stay committed to their work.

Many volunteers voice their opposition to the street vandalism by action. Some say this is a silent confrontation with rioters.