A Colombian family’s long ride on the Pan-American Highway

Americas Now

It’s a highway that connects Alaska with Tierra del Fuego, in the Southern Cone. “Americas Now” follows a family on a two year-long road trip along the longest road in the world. 

In 2016, the Rodriguez family packed up their bags and placed them in their 1981 Volkswagen Westphalia to take a life-changing trip.

They call themselves the FamiloAmerica.  To finance the journey, they rented their apartment in Bogota in order to receive the monthly allowance that helps them live on the road. 

The Pan-American Highway is a vast network of roads that connect the North and South American continents. It stretches for 48,000 kilometers across the Western Hemisphere. 

Correspondent Michelle Begue climbed aboard the family van and tells us about the discoveries that were made during the long journey.