Iran hardliners gain power as coronavirus spreads


PODCAST - Iran elections(PHOTO:AP)

GUEST: Ghanbar Naderi, Iranian journalist and political commentator.

On Friday, Iran went to the polls to elect a new parliament. But between voter apathy, boycotts, and fears of coronavirus in the country – turnout was reportedly the lowest it’s been since the founding of the Republic in 1979.

Moderates in Iran’s government have paid a great price for backing the failed 2015 Nuclear Agreement with the U.S. and Western powers. And reimposed sanctions have lead to economic suffering, protest, and growing doubt among the people that their government’s can deal with the crisis.

But, as a new, more hardline government begins to take shape – will the new parliament have solutions to address Iran’s growing challenges – both domestically and on the world stage?

With us to talk about disillusionment among some Iran’s voters is Ghanbar Naderi. He’s an Iranian journalist and political commentator based in Tehran.