The Faces of Unemployment


The Faces of Unemployment

COVID-19 has shattered lives and hit global economies hard. Businesses are cutting back or closing, leaving employees without jobs and worried about surviving.

Here are some of The Faces of Unemployment.

Photographer finds new focus amid COVID-19

In the time of coronavirus, photographers are struggling to find customers for photo shoots.

But one photographer, Didi von Boch, is experimenting with creative ways to capture the times via Zoom.

As the COVID-19 outbreak escalated, clients began canceling photo sessions.

Photographer Didi von Boch had to figure out a way to continue to shoot– Zoom photography shoots.

Didi’s Zoom shoots have gained a huge following on Instagram.

Adopt the artist

Musicians around the world are coping with closed venues which have left them without spaces to perform – and make a living.

In Brazil, a group of singer songwriters has started a project – Adopt the Artist – to offer personalized on-line performances – for a contribution.

And the project has proven very successful so far.


From unemployed to creator in times of pandemic

Colombian Cristhian Castro,​ along with two independent contractors working in industrial engineering, create​d their own company at the start of 2020. But then came COVID-19 — derailing any possibility ​to work on projects in the industrial sector.

So ​the newly formed company, DRUCK, had to find opportunity elsewhere and turned its attention to addressing new problems brought by the pandemic — and ways to help average citizens​ with solutions.

In April, DRUCK unveiled a disinfection tunnel, using ozone… A simple solution, ​says its creator, in times of pandemic. Learn more.


Disney World worker on furlough in Florida

Disney furloughed 100,000 theme park and hotel workers worldwide in mid-​April.

Estefania is a Disney World worker in Florida. For the last three weeks, she has had no income.

Her union negotiated with Disney and secured five weeks of pay and health insurance. She shared about her concerns during the lockdown.


Meet American small business owners under COVID-19

COVID-19 has had an immediate impact on American retail stores, both large and small.

We meet Eduardo Betancourt, the Co-owner of fashion maker Adara by Carol B, and listen to how much his business has been changed by the COVID-19 outbreak and that even if there is a recovery soon, it might be too little too late.


Circus group in Colombia vows show must go on

The saying is: The show must go on. One circus group in Colombia is doing everything it can for its show to continue amid the coronavirus crisis.

A big change is the group is moving from the big stage to the small screen.

Michelle Begue has the story from Bogota.


Faces of Unemployment: Makeup artist at department store in NYC

Diane Yodice is a makeup artist and skincare specialist for Clarins at Bloomingdales.

But after the department store shut down because of the coronavirus, she was laid off.

She has since applied for unemployment insurance but has yet to receive any money. She also hasn’t received a stimulus check from the Treasury Department.

She shared about her suffering and concerns during the unemployment.