A glimpse at the physical, psychological and material damage caused by climate change.

Since 1980 the average temperature of the Earth’s surface has been on an unprecedented climb, with the last decade seeing temperatures reading nearly a full degree Celsius higher than average year over year. Scientific research warns that a global rise of two degrees Celsius is a point of no return. Modern unsustainable development, if left unchecked, places us on a direct crash course with the inevitable.

Increased global development has seen mother nature come to odds with humanity, and its impact has begun to be felt across all walks of life. As natural disasters and extreme weather phenomenon become more powerful and less predictable, a feeling of worry and dread has begun to set in for some.

‘Two Degrees Celsius’ examines the physical, material and psychological damage being dealt by climate change. Speaking with those directly impacted by extreme weather, experts in the field, activists and others actively looking to sound the alarm and aid those impacted, this documentary offers a snapshot into the current state of our struggle against climate change.



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