The changing climate: A green start

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In this series, The changing climate: A green start, CGTN’s Yin Yue explores the small and big ways that individuals and societies can work to beat back climate change.

A Green Start Episode 2: Electricity upgrade

During the historic winter storm in February that hit the U.S. state of Texas, freezing temperatures knocked out power for days, leaving millions of people in the bitter cold and darkness.

Many were left homeless, and more than 100 people died during the storm. In this special report for CGTN America by Gabriel Yue Yin, see why some have called the event in Texas a “humanitarian crisis.”

How much does food waste contribute to climate change, and what can we do about it?

All around the world, millions of tons of food are thrown away, but there’s a way we can all work to minimize the waste and the impact of climate change. CGTN’s Gabriel Yin Yue has more.