How much did the conflict in Afghanistan cost every country?

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“Blood and treasure” is a term ​that’s been used to describe the toll of warfare. For the United States, the conflict in Afghanistan has cost a lot of both, but America is hardly the only country that paid the price. 

More than 2400 U.S. troops lost their lives in America’s longest war, ​according to data compiled by the Brown University Costs of War project. 

An additional 1100 allied soldiers were killed, with Britain suffering the greatest losses—more than 450 ​troops.

More than 20,000 U.S. troops were wounded ​throughout the war.

400+ aid workers lost their lives in Afghanistan, along with 70 journalists.

As many as 69,000 Afghan troops and police gave their lives over 20 years… according to tracking by Brown University.

47,000 civilians died.

The toll among Taliban and other opposition fighters is estimated at 51,000.


Estimated US spending and the human cost of the war in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2021.


In monetary terms, ​the ​Costs of War project tallies the United States ​has spent more than two and a quarter trillion dollars.

CGTN’s Fergal Ryan explains.