Vancouver: A city of sustainability

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Vancouver: A city of sustainability

Follow CGTN’s Frances Kuo while she is in Vancouver, Canada, learning about the city’s sustainable practices. 

How Granville Island is committed to sustainability

Granville Island attracts 10 million visitors every year. This bustling neighborhood bordering picturesque false creek has come a long way. See how the island becomes a modern-day model for sustainability. 


Promoting sustainable fashion in Vancouver

They say everyone deserves a second chance. That also applies to fashion. In the Canadian city of Vancouver, some retail stores are devoted to promoting sustainable fashion. Learn more. 


How Vancouver is protecting their three aboriginal tribes

In 2014, the Vancouver city council voted to acknowledge the city was founded on territory belonging to three aboriginal tribes. 

Since then, the council has taken steps to protect and sustain Vancouver’s natural environment. 


Exploring sustainable dining

Can your dining experience be sustainable? 

CGTN’s Frances Kuo visits a chef in Vancouver who is curating a sustainable difference, in food as well as in his restaurant.


Vancouver, Canada is a prime example of sustainability. See how this city working to be environmentally friendly.



See how Vancouver, Canada is implementing sustainability practices in their tourism.



Vancouver is making its case to be the electric vehicle capital of the world.