China’s 20th CPC: People to people exchange

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Little red shoes: Family reflects on people-to-people friendship with China

The relationship between China and U.S. experienced ups and downs, which make people-to-people efforts more precious and important.

Here is the story of the MacInnis family, whose three-generation friendship with China is laced by a pair of little red shoes.

CGTN’s Wang Xiaozhou reports.


Denis Simon discusses how his visit to China 40 years ago has impacted him today

As one of the first foreigners to be introduced to China’s reform and opening-up plan, Dennis Simon, the Executive Vice President of Duke Kunshan University, has witnessed China’s tremendous development and changes over the past 40 years, and he has since fallen deeply in love with the country.


Jeff Greene discusses the story of “Flying Tigers”

As much as it is well-known and appreciated in China, Flying Tigers enjoys little recognition here in America. It is the name of a small group of U.S. aviators, who volunteered and helped defend the Chinese people against Japan during World War II.

Anthony Saich discusses complexity of China-U.S. relations

The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party opens on October 16 in Beijing ahead of the 2022 G20 summit held in Bali, Indonesia in November.

Relations between the world’s top two economies are expected to be part of the discussions at the summit amid escalating global challenges.

Can China and the U.S. improve bilateral relations and reach common ground? CGTN spoke to an analyst about the complex U.S.-China relationship.

Charlotte Christensen discusses her impression of China

Despite the lingering fallout of a trade war and ​a continuing supply chain crisis, China remains the state of Oregon’s No. 1 trading partner, and top source for international students and visitors.

Recently, we talked to the Vice President of ​the Oregon China Council, who shared her early memories of China.