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The best of Otakon 2018
August 15, 2018

The best of Otakon 2018

Fans of anime, manga, music, gaming have been gathering each year for Otakon since 1994. See what this year's convention was like. Read More...
What makes Chinese people happy?
April 5, 2017

What makes Chinese people happy?

CCTV aired a 120 minute special on Chinese economic life survey in March 2017 based on a survey of 100,000 families. The survey focused the following questions. What makes Chinese families happy? And which cities in China are the happiest? Read More...
March 9, 2016

How NPC delegates pass laws in China

China's annual political season is underway. The country's legislative process is different from western countries. Here is an explanation of how laws are passed during the National People's Congress. Read More...
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