March 25, 2020

Cuban rivers run clean

The rivers in the central Cuban province of Cienfuegos were the subject of tests for water quality by a joint expert team of Cuban and U.S. scientists, who collected water and sediments samples in 25 local river basins only to find out that they were relatively free of pollution.

Rio's hidden man-made beach
January 8, 2020

Rio’s hidden man-made beach

When people think about Rio de Janeiro, what comes to mind are its beautiful famous postcard beaches. But hidden away, almost like an oasis among Rio’s slum favelas, is one beach not even most Brazilians know about.

November 2, 2019

Day of the Dead culture alive and well

November 2 is Day of the Dead in Mexico, and hundreds of thousands of people are spending the day in cemeteries. Mexicans take food and drinks and pass the time with their dearly departed.