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TikTok owner is subject of a US investigation

The popularity of the short-form video app Tik-Tok has exploded recently. But now it’s owner has become the subject of a U-S national security investigation. Chinese firm ByteDance bought the app ‘’ in 2017, eventually turning it into the teenage sensation known as TikTok.


High tide worries Venice after flooding

Venice is bracing for another water surge on Sunday. St. Mark’s Square has been re-opened to the public, but for some local businesses, the damage has already been done. CGTN’S Danielle Robertson reports from Venice. St. Mark’s Square has been re-opened to the public, and […]


BRICS leaders speak out against protectionism

The leaders of the world’s major emerging economies wrapped up a two-day summit in Brazil Thursday. The culmination was the signing of a lengthy declaration focused on the importance of mechanisms to allow the nations of the world to better work together.


China’s measures to reduce pork costs

The days of high pork prices may be winding down. The Chinese government has released measures to stabilize the costs of key farm produce after consumer prices rose at their fastest pace in almost eight years.


Spanish King and Queen visit Cuba

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain traveled to Cuba for a state visit this week. This is the first official visit by a king of Spain to the former colony of that European country in the past 500th years.


Environmentalist in Mexico try to stamp out cigarette butts

Environmentalists point to cigarette butts as the most littered item in the world. Trillions are indiscriminately tossed each year, their toxic compounds leaching into the land and water. Around the world, there are initiatives to tackle this problem. One company in Mexico is even turning this waste into a resource.

Watch Live: Trump impeachment hearing in US

Trump impeachment hearing begins in US

The U.S. House launched the first public hearing Wednesday of Donald Trump’s impeachment investigation, the extraordinary process to determine whether the 45th president of the United States should be removed from office.


US Supreme Court hears arguments on DACA

The US Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on a key Trump policy. It will decide whether the president can end a program that stopped the deportations of thousands, brought to the United States illegally as children.

New App brings Chinese cinema to new Audiences

New app brings Chinese cinema to new audiences

A new mobile app is bringing a long list of Chinese cinema and TV productions to the American audience. It’s called “Smart Cinema U.S.A.” And it’s being launched on the sidelines of the Chinese American Film and TV Festival going on in Los Angeles.

Police in Bolivia desert posts, join demonstrations

Police in Bolivia leave posts, join demonstrations

Police guarding the presidential palace in Bolivia have abandoned their posts, in the latest blow to President Evo Morales as he tries to calm weeks of unrest. At least 3 people have been killed in protests focused on allegations of fraud in the October 20th […]

Climate change becomes more politicized in U.S.

Climate change becomes more politicized in US

When it comes to climate change the United States often seems to be going solo. It’s the only nation to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. U-S greenhouse gas emissions are rising. And the government is rolling back environmental regulations. Climate change is a polarizing issue in the United States.


China and Brazil beef up trade

China recently cleared 25 more meatpacking plants in Brazil to export to the Asian nation. Included are facilities processing beef, chicken, pork and even one for donkeys, with the full list now totaling 89 plants.