World Today

Video rental shop makes a comeback in US

Video rentals may be a thing of the past but they are coming back to the future. Movie fanatics in the US city of Baltimore are reliving the nostalgia of browsing films the retro way by reviving their local video store.


Detained Iranian oil tanker raises stakes in Europe

A court in the British colony of Gibraltar has ordered a seized Iranian oil tanker to be detained for an additional two weeks. British forces boarded the super tanker Thursday on suspicion it was en route to Syria delivering Iranian oil, in violation of EU sanctions.


EU leaders meet to decide top jobs

Leaders of the European Union gathered in Brussels to decide the body’s new leadership positions. The bloc needs to replace the E-U Council and E-U Commission Presidents, among other roles.

United States Supreme Court

US Supreme Court rules on census and gerrymandering cases

The Supreme Court is forbidding President Donald Trump’s administration from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census for now. The court says the Trump administration’s explanation for wanting to add the question was “more of a distraction” than an explanation.