U.S. to send troops to protect Baghdad Embassy

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Police and hospital officials say a car bomb in Baghdad’s Shiite Sadr City district has killed 12 people and wounded 30.

They said the blast targeted a crowded outdoor market on Tuesday in the sprawling district in eastern Baghdad. Four bullet-riddled bodies, presumed to be Sunnis, were discovered in a Shiite district.

The targeting of the Shiite district came as signs emerged of a reprisal sectarian slaughter of Sunnis in Iraq, as police said pro-government Shiite militiamen killed nearly four dozen detainees after insurgents tried to storm a jail northeast of Baghdad on Monday night.

With the situation in Syria and in neighboring Iraq, the U.S. is nearing a decision on whether to use military force. Already, American officials are moving assets into the region and evacuating some personnel from Iraq.

Could we be looking at a repeat of the U.S. occupation in Iraq?  CCTV’s Nathan King talks to the man who ran Iraq on behalf of the U.S. during that time.


U.S. to send troops to protect Baghdad Embassy

Iraq could be facing a possible three-way sectarian split between Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. CCTV's Nathan King has been talking to the man who is faced this challenge head-on -- he used to run Iraq on behalf of the U.S during the occupation.