Highlights and developments of the 19th CPC and election of a new generation of leadership.


Wang Guan explains why the 19th Party Congress matters

Why does the 19th Party Congress matter

Nathan King explains the 19th CPC

19th CPC National Congress explainer

Held every five years, the Party Congress is the Chinese Communist party’s most powerful body.

Who joins the Communist Party of China?

Who joins the Communist Party of China?

There are nearly 90 million members of the Communist Party of China, making it one of the largest political parties in the world. While it may be easy to see the CPC as a monolithic body, it’s actually a complex organization that has changed a great deal in its 96 years. CGTN's Lisa Chiu explains how the makeup has changed.

How Does China's Political Structure Work?

Wang Guan explains how Chinese leaders get elected

How Chinese leaders get elected?

How delegates are elected for the presidium

Coverage from the 19th CPC National Congress

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