Squatters at Cultural Center facing eviction in São Paulo

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pic2_buildingThis 13 floor building in the historic center of São Paulo – the Ouvidor 63 building – had been abandoned for a couple of decades until a group of artists squatted it, in May 2014. The building belongs to the state and there already an eviction order standing against them but authorities have not enforced it yet.

A group of squatters has turned an abandoned building in Central São Paulo into a thriving cultural center.

For about two decades the building at 63 Ouvidor Street remained unused but in May 2014, a group of artists looking for a place to live and create occupied it and turned it into a hub of cultural activities.

Nearly 100 people live across the 13 floors, making art of all kinds.

Despite the serious infrastructure deficiencies, this has become a safe haven for artists.

Some coming from other states of Brazil and also different Latin American countries.

There is an eviction order against them as the state government – the owner of the building – says it’s for sale but the artists are keeping up their resistance and hope to stay.


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