Gone Viral: A look at what’s trending in the Americas

World Today

A protest takes its cue from the kitchen and gamers worldwide descend into mass confusion.

These stories and more are dominating the internet here in the Americas.

We start in Ecuador – where citizens are marching to a different beat. A cacophony of clanging cookware fills the air across the capital Quito. Armed with ladles, pots, and pans, thousands of residents take part in a cacerolazo. If this sounds like a casserole, that’s exactly what it’s named for.

This popular tactic is used in Latin America to express dissent. In this case — over the scrapping of fuel subsidies. Days of violent unrest prompted the government to declare a curfew. And that’s when one quality of the cacerolazo becomes key: people can still take part in the demonstrations, from inside their homes and kitchens.

All this week, editorial cartoonists are going to town on the U.S. pullout from northern Syria. Trending under the hashtag #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies — the theme is treason.

A slew of cartoons depicts President Donald Trump stabbing Kurdish forces in the back. The drawdown of U.S. troops paved the way for Turkey to attack Kurdish fighters, who’ve been a key ally in the U.S. fight against the Islamic State.

Millions of gamers left in shock after an online video game goes into a black hole — literally. This is the global cultural phenomenon known as Fortnite. The game has a staggering quarter of a billion registered players, and its company says at least 10 million people are playing it at any given time.

As Season 10 ended, the game plunged every player into a vortex and then absolute nothingness. Even Fortnite’s social media accounts went dark. The gaming community can’t stop talking about… the ingenious marketing move – or speculating what happens next in Season 11.

And finally – it’s that time of year here in the U.S. when memes of actress-comedian Lucille Ball flood the web. Tuesday is National ‘I Love Lucy’ Day. The sitcom made its debut exactly 68 years ago. It lasted six seasons, but the unforgettable antics of its star and her signature expressions continue to delight audiences today.

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