Havana’s 500th birthday celebrations continue

World Today

Havana is marking the 500th anniversary of its founding, and celebrations continue in the streets of the capital city.

CGTN’s Luis Chirino reports.

The Cuban capital city, Havana, turned 500 years old on Saturday, November 16. They celebrated across the city in every corner, in parks, streets, and squares.

Many participated in a traditional ceremony at the founding site of the city, while others went dancing in public areas and waited to watch a myriad of fireworks that illuminated the city’s skies.

“I feel very happy to live in Havana and about its 500th birthday that’s why I came here to enjoy all what has been done. It’s wonderful,” said Isabel Rodriguez a Havana resident.

Celebrations continued with the reopening of refurbished public facilities and festivities ended up with a cultural gala in front of the Capitol building, recently restored for the occasion.