Why is the Democratic establishment afraid of Bernie Sanders?


Bernie Sanders(PHOTO: AFP)

Nomiki Konst

GUEST: Nomiki Konst, a political strategist and host of “The Nomiki Show.”

In the U.S. Democratic Primaries for president, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign is gaining momentum. Having pulled off victories in both Iowa and New Hampshire, he is leading the polls in upcoming key states like California, Texas, Ohio, and Michigan.

Despite his numbers, critics within the media and Democratic establishment say Sanders is unelectable, his policy proposals too extreme – and his self proclaimed label of “Democratic Socialist” would scare voters away should he face President Donald Trump in the Fall.

But does growing support for Sanders among primary voters contradict those critics? And, in the year 2020, what is it about the word “socialist” that has establishment Democrats so worried?

With us to talk about Bernie Sanders and the meaning of Democratic Socialism in U.S. politics is Nomiki Konst. She’s a political strategist and host of “The Nomiki Show” – available through Youtube and Patreon.