COVID-19: Who lives and who dies? A harrowing decision for U.S. doctors


Covid-19 treatment(PHOTO: AFP)

GUEST: Dr. Calvin Sun, an attending physician at multiple emergency rooms in New York City.

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates in the United States, healthcare workers are pushing past exhaustion – and at great personal risk – to fight the spread of the virus, and save as many lives as possible.

Tragically, because of exposure, the growing number of new patients – and deaths – in the U.S. include some of their own.

With a continuing shortage of resources – such as ventilators, hospital beds, personal protective equipment, and staff – medical treatment is being rationed with a war-like footing.

As such, doctors and medical professionals are being forced to make hard choices about where those resources will go, who will receive life saving treatment – and who simply cannot be saved.

With us to speak on the heavy burdens set upon U.S. medical workers – is Dr. Calvin Sun – He’s an Attending Physician at multiple emergency rooms in New York City.