Venezuela rum maker now producing rubbing alcohol to fight coronavirus


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Antiseptic alcohol is key to fighting COVID-19.

“Alcohol is important because you use it to clean your hands and I put it in my mask to clean it as well,” said Pilar Solano.

But it’s hard to find and expensive to buy across Venezuela.

“You can’t find alcohol anywhere. And it is expensive,” said Mildred Rodriguez.

Venezuela’s main rum exporter, the Santa Teresa Distillery, is trying to help alleviate the scarcity of disinfectant.

Ron Santa Teresa diverted 60% of its production from rum to rubbing alcohol.

It’s donating the alcohol to hospitals, health centers and pharmacies.

Employees are working around the clock, producing 3,000 boxes of antiseptic alcohol per day.

Ron Santa Teresa says to fight COVID-19, rubbing alcohol is more useful than rum.