A look into the diversity of China's wildlife and the race to protect it.

Even as the world inches toward its sixth mass extinction event, the first one driven by human activity, an army of conservationists and researchers is fighting to restore balance and protect the biodiversity in China, one of the largest countries on earth.

In 2021, China announced that it would take the lead in contributing 1.5 billion yuan to establish the Kunming Biodiversity Fund to support nature conservation in developing countries. China has taken the lead in actions to support and protect nature and set an example for the world.

The primary focus of this documentary is to show the progress the Chinese have made in preserving biodiversity in their National Park system and how government actions have helped propel conservation efforts. The documentary shows that China and the international community are both making a joint endeavour to start a new era of global biodiversity governance - one that is fair, reasonable and captures their vision of advancing harmonious coexistence between mankind and nature. The ultimate goal in this new age will be to build a better world for future generations and a shared community.



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