Nick Harper

Nick Harper


March 23, 2024

Haiti crisis and evacuations

  Political groups in Haiti say they’re close to finalizing a transitional council to try and bring peace to the country. This comes as the U.S. continues to evacuate Americans from the troubled nation, flying dozens to the neighboring Dominican Republic. The UN has warned […] Read More...
February 17, 2024

Rape-related pregnancies and U.S. abortion ban

  A U.S. study released last month estimates that 64,000 women and girls became pregnant from rape in states that have implemented abortion bans. The research has reignited the debate about a women’s right to choose. But anti-abortion groups in one of the most restrictive states say the data […] Read More...
April 17, 2023

Six people dead in weekend mass shootings

  Four victims have been named from the mass shooting at a ‘Sweet 16’ birthday party on Saturday in the U.S. state of Alabama.  Police have not yet said if they have arrested a suspect.  The attack came on the same day a gunman fired […] Read More...
NYC considers making temporary street-side dining permanent
September 11, 2022

NYC considers making temporary street-side dining permanent

As NYC recovers from the pandemic, outdoor dining at restaurants is becoming more contentious. Some sidewalk set ups were credited with keeping the restaurant industry alive during the worst days of the pandemic. But some residents say noisy nightlife is ruining their communities. Read More...
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