At Augmented World Expo virtual and real worlds combine

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At Augmented World Expo virtual and real worlds combine

At Augmented World Expo in Silicon Valley, the virtual world and the real world combine.

Developer Fabian Mach is trying something he always wanted to do, get a dance lesson.

After the several-minute Augmented Reality dance lesson, Fabian gets the chance to try out his steps with a real partner.

Dancers Andy Albani and Bee Mattox created the Dance Reality app, which can also be used without the headset too.

Because its augmented reality, you can always see your feet in the real world so you don’t cause any accidents.

Learning new skills is also the goal of Tribe XR.

Tribe XR Co-founder Kevin Lowe says his company offers a set curriculum for DJing and music production.

And they’re just rolling out a new live mentor network, which seeks to offer virtual lessons from famous DJ’s.

So while many think of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as all fun and games.

Some startups are focused on helping users learn things they thought they never had the time to explore.