Michael Phelps takes on new goals after Olympic glory

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Michael Phelps takes on new goals after Olympic glory

Michael Phelps may be the most decorated Olympian of all time, but now the swimmer is chasing new goals. 

CGTN’s Laura Cantekin shows how Phelps is trying to make a difference.
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Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps might have left the pool – but he’s still making waves for the causes he cares about.

As Colgate’s #EveryDropCounts ambassador, Phelps is trying to reduce water consumption by 50 billion gallons a year.

The star athlete has also spoken about his own challenges with depression.

Now he’s become an advocate for mental health.

He teamed up with the app TalkSpace – which pairs patients with immediate support from therapists via phone and messaging services.

“Just being able to open up and share the experiences that I’ve had…hopefully someone can make a connection or whatever they want to take from it…and hopefully it can help them get through that hard time,” Phelps says.

Phelps has already broken records for his speed, but these days he has new goals in mind.

“I was training myself to win a gold medal, to stand on top of the podium as many times as I could, and for me now to have a chance to save a life? That’s what my gold medal is.”