The long way home: Chinese overseas student leaves U.S. over COVID-19 fears


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As the coronavirus pandemic spreads in the United States, schools have closed and many international students have nowhere to stay.

CGTN spoke to one Chinese overseas student who made the long trip home.

She says it took more than 30 hours for her and other international students. Throughout the journey, she didn’t eat or drink, nor did she take off her face masks.

She tells us that China is keeping a close watch on those who return and performing medical tests to safeguard against imported cases of COVID-19. They are quarantined in designated facilities for 14 days.

As of 2018, there were some 360,000 Chinese students in the United States.

The Chinese Embassy in the U.S. said on Monday that it is arranging charter flights to return Chinese students studying abroad and a decision was made to give priority to primary and secondary school students. Those under 18 who want to return to China can register online.

The embassy also provided the Chinese students health kits, including face masks and disinfection supplies.