Is the U.S. ready to reopen?


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U.S. President Donald Trump has announced his three-phase approach to re-opening the U.S. But many are wondering, is the U.S. actually ready?

Whether or not states reopen will depend on individual state governors but before states can ease social distancing requirements, there are certain benchmarks they must meet. States need to conduct enough testing and have a healthcare system that can meet the demands of the sick.

Although testing is very important, Dr. Desai also says states need to work on protecting their healthcare workers. With protective gear such as masks in short supply, he suggests leaders use other creative solutions to increasing COVID-19 supplies.

Health officials are unclear when the pandemic will end but Dr. Desai says people will remember whether or not officials responded effectively to COVID-19.

“These kinds of moments I think stick out for people disproportionately and I think what’s happening in the next few months, is going to be remembered, maybe, for the next few decades.”