U.S. medical students on the frontline


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These medical students are stepping up to help hospitals test for COVID-19. The swab tests they’re performing at the Detroit health department are critical to an accurate diagnosis.

“One, two, three, on one nostril. One, two, three, in the other,” Michael Moentmann explained before swabbing the nostril of water department employee Leon Wheeler.

Moentmann is volunteering in one of America’s hardest-hit cities, testing police officers, firefighters, bus drivers and other essential workers who keep Detroit afloat.

And many other U.S. based medical students have stepped up.

Lucia Luna Wong, a fourth-year medical student at Wayne State, said she jumped at the chance to join what she calls a “crash course in public health.”

“This is just an unbelievable experience for me. I’m going to be a better doctor just because of this experience,” said Luna Wong, a native of Peru.