China calls for world to work together to solve pandemic


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The Director of China’s National Health Commission Ma Xiaowei on Monday called for all countries to work together to support the World Health Organization (WHO) in the fight against COVID-19.

Ma made the remarks via video link at the 73rd session of the World Health Assembly. The World Health Organization (WHO) is holding a two-day annual (virtual) meeting dominated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ma said, “China bear in mind (understands) the precious support of the international community. We have provided medical supplies and technical support to countries in need within our capacity.” He also called on other nations to stand firmly against rumors, stigmatization and discrimination and work together to help countries with fragile health systems improve their response capabilities.

“China will take an active part in the WHO’s global cooperation initiative on accelerating the development, production and equitable distribution of vaccines and drugs for COVID-19,” he added. “We will surely prevail over the pandemic so long as the international community stands together and continues to make progress toward achieving health-related sustainable development goals.” Ma said.