CGTN America premieres “China Views” episode featuring giant pandas at the Smithsonian Zoo

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CGTN America is pleased to announce the latest episode in its popular “China Views” series, continuing its unique approach of engaging street interviews with global audiences. This episode shines the spotlight on the Smithsonian National Zoo’s trio of giant pandas in Washington, D.C. The piece explores the public’s knowledge of these endearing creatures and delves into their unique role as charismatic ambassadors of Sino-American goodwill.

CGTN America’s team visited the Smithsonian Zoo, putting zoogoers’ and a few of our own CGTN colleagues’ knowledge to the test with a lively and informative quiz about the star attractions: giant pandas Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and their cub Xiao Qi Ji. 

The quiz elicited a mix of amusing and sincere responses, as guests were invited to delve deeper into the world of these fascinating animals and the significant history of China-U.S. panda diplomacy. The unexpected facts revealed throughout the quiz, particularly those concerning the pandas’ dietary habits, sparked intrigue and enjoyment among the participants.

In the spirit of celebrating the imminent birthdays of all three giant pandas, attendees were given the opportunity to extend their personal sentiments by signing a custom “happy birthday” card. Heartfelt messages and well-wishes were penned for Mei Xiang, celebrating her 25th birthday on July 22; Tian Tian, turning 26 on August 27; and the youthful Xiao Qi Ji, marking his third birthday on August 21.