Who is Argentina’s next president?

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Argentina’s newly elected right-wing Libertarian president Javier Milei caused a stir in Latin America by recently criticizing the Nicaraguan government. Subsequently the Nicaraguan government recalled its ambassador to Argentina on December 4.

Additionally, Milei had previously criticized Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. However, he has since pivoted and invited the Brazilian president to his inauguration, touting the two countries’ ties.

Despite these incidents, Milei appears to be softening his tone as he gears up for the presidency, which is set for a December 10 inauguration.

So who is Argentina’s president-elect and what does his election mean for Argentina?

The 53-year-old president-elect has rattled Argentina’s political establishment. He has amassed support due in part to his extreme planned measures to reign in Argentina’s soaring inflation, which has topped 140 percent.

Milei has vowed to replace Argentina’s currency with the U.S. dollar. He has also campaigned on shutting down Argentina’s central bank.

The self-described “anarcho-capitalist” has said he was in favor of loosening labor laws. He has also promoted a smaller government to boost economic growth, which includes eliminating half of Argentina’s government ministries.

Milei fosters domestic policies not too dissimilar from some U.S. conservative lawmakers. He openly admires former U.S. President Donald Trump, to whom he is often compared to.

Milei sees himself as a culture warrior – he has expressed his opposition to abortion as well as feminist policies. He has also denied the role of humans in causing climate change.

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