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‘Intelligence’ in a post-fact world

Depending on your politics, the Trump presidency is either a disaster, godsend, maybe even both. While some blame Obama for leading to his rise, others think differently.
In the play Intelligence, the blame mostly lies on number 43. Our Culture Curmudgeon decides who’s right.


I am Not Your Negro: A review

Racism is alive and well and social tensions have never been higher, especially in Trump’s America. But as Raoul Peck’s new film ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ about the late James Baldwin tells us, those racial divisions have never really gone away.


Paterson and the Magic of the Everyday

Jim Jarmusch’s latest film ‘Paterson’ is a tribute to the people who brave everyday drudgeries and humiliations. It also highlights the magic of gratitude and the million little things in life we take for granted.