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president donald trump at the white house

The Heat: Previewing Donald Trump’s first 100 days

Donald Trump ran on a platform, as he often said, to make America great again. After a little more than two months in office, his job approval rating is at an all-time low… with few legislative achievements to point to. Can President Trump turn things around in Congress with tax reform and executive actions on energy?

Syria's Civil war

The Heat: Syria’s civil war

Syria’s civil war rages on…now entering its seventh year. Will talks in Geneva make any progress towards peace? And, is the U.S. getting dragged into another Middle East conflict?

The Heat: Roundtable analyzes week's biggest stories

The Heat: Roundtable analyzes week’s biggest stories

A major setback for U.S. President Donald Trump and efforts to overhaul healthcare. Plus Europe is on high alert after a terror attack outside London Parliament. And a top American diplomat says a different approach is required to deal with Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile development.