The Heat: Indian business in Africa

The Heat

India is rolling out the red carpet for African leaders in an attempt to build new economic ties with the continent.

India recently hosted a milestone summit attended by delegations from all 54 African countries. New Delhi wants to showcase India as an alternative partner for trade and investment in the continent.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a $10 billion grant over the next five years and called for an alliance on global affairs including reforms at the United Nations.

CCTV’s Shweta Bajaj joined The Heat from New Delhi.
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A panel of guests joined The Heat to discuss an India-African nation partnership:

  • From Boston, Larry Seruma. He’s the managing principal of Nile Capital Management and has authored several articles on investing in Africa.
  • In the CCTV America studio in Washington D.C., Aparna Pande. She’s a research fellow and director of the Hudson Institute’s Initiative on the Future of India and South Asia.
  • From Hong Kong, Andrew Leung. He’s an international and independent China Strategist.