CGTN America wins a company record 22 Telly Awards this year

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CGTN America wins a company record 22 Telly Awards this year
CGTN America wins a company record 22 Telly Awards this year

CGTN America congratulates its staff for winning a company record 22 Telly Awards this year – five Gold, 12 Silver and five Bronze.

CGTN America wins a company record 22 Telly Awards this year

CGTN America wins a company record 22 Telly Awards this year

Every year, the Telly Awards “honor excellence in video and television across all screens.” This year’s competition – the 23rd Annual Telly Awards – celebrated an industry reemerging from pandemic lockdowns, applying a “new set of values” that considered “impact on a global scale.”

With journalists reporting from every continent, including Antarctica, CGTN America’s winning entries contributed to this global perspective. Every day, the work of our talented international staff demonstrates a deep understanding in a wide range of topics in world affairs. Our journalists won Gold Tellys for programs exploring cultural issues (“Cancel or Context”), crime (“The Molecule Movers”), urgent social issues (“Defunding the U.S. Police”), and health (“Forever Young”).

One of our programs, Tso’l Food won a total of four Tellys – Gold for editing (“Tso’l Food: Los Angeles”), Silver in the Food & Beverage category, Silver for Videography/Cinematography, and another Silver for a series of magazine-length segments in our Tso’l Food franchise. Tso’l Food is pronounced soul food, but spelled like the dish that inspired its name, General Tso’s chicken. The show’s host and producer, Gerald Tan, describes it as: “an American journey through the Chinese kitchen.” It is that, and more. Tso’l Food is, as Ernest Hemingway described Paris, “a moveable feast.”

CGTN America, as our name suggests, focuses on stories from China and from the Americas—North and South. A Silver Telly went to “New Endeavors” – our documentary on China’s 100-year transformation from a peasant economy to an industrial, high-tech powerhouse. Our five-part documentary series on the environment and sustainability (“Zero Hour: Climate Change”) began in China, then took viewers to the U.S. Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America also won a Silver Telly.

 The Telly Awards receives more than 12,000 entries from media companies around the world. We are proud participants.

 CGTN America congratulates all our honorees. Come celebrate with us by watching our Telly Award-winning programs.

 The Molecule Movers

 Television General: True Crime

 Defunding the U.S. Police

 Television General: Social Impact

 Cancel or Context

 Television Series: Cultural

 Tso’l Food: Los Angeles

 Television Craft: Editing

 Forever Young

 Television General: Health & Safety

Oldest Solar Observatory in the Americas

Television General: Travel/Tourism

Brazil: Favela Banks

Television General: Social Impact

Pirates of the Gulf of Mexico

Television General: True Crime

Brazil: The Forever Fires

Television General: Sustainability

The Next Pandemic

Television General: Public Interest/Awareness

Tso’l Food

Television General: Food & Beverage

Television Craft: Videography/Cinematography

Television Series: Food & Beverage

New Endeavors

Television General: Social Impact

Two Degrees Celsius

Television General: Sustainability

Zero Hour: Climate Change

Television Series: Sustainability

The Sounds of Mali

Television General: News or News Feature

History Through Photography

Television General: Cultural

Afghan Americans

Television General: Social Impact

Protecting Mexican Macaws

Television General: Nature/Wildlife

Waiting for Rain: Honduras Drought

Television General: Sustainability

Peace Through Sport

Television General: Sports