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Tariffs threaten future of Virginia farm

The summer of 2017 represented new pastures for beef exporters in the United States. The Chinese market once again reopened to American beef. One farmer in the U.S. state of Virginia even went on a government trade mission, but the current trade war has left beef exporters on edge.


Robots take over shifts at a restaurant in Shanghai

Robots are making their way into many aspects of life in China. Now, some are leaving the labs for shifts at restaurants. CGTN’s Frances Kuo has more on how they’re changing the dining experience. A quick glance across a restaurant in Shanghai, and you don’t […]


China begins importing Russian natural gas from Arctic

With its crackdown on pollution, China is on track to become the world’s biggest importer of natural gas, a much cleaner energy alternative to coal. Fueling that rise in imports coming from above the Arctic Circle is a massive liquefied natural gas production facility in Russia.


Doctors in China turn to AI to help detect cancer

Technological advancements are having a measurable impact in China. You can see it in the smartphones people carry, mobile payment technology, and even in hospitals. The use of artificial intelligence is leading to potentially life-saving breakthroughs in detecting cancer.

When it comes to cruises, Chinese tourists aren't on board

When it comes to cruises, Chinese tourists aren’t on board

Some choose to travel by air or land, while others look to the high seas. The cruise industry worldwide is big business and keeps getting bigger. In the past few years, it’s expanded into China. But Chinese tourists aren’t warming up to cruise ships as much as expected. CGTN’s Frances Kuo reports.