Full Frame

May Lee and Tony Goldwyn
November 16, 2016

This week on Full Frame: Bringing hope after the disaster

When a natural disaster or armed conflict hits a region, the tragedy and those affected by it, become the world’s focus. But then, the spotlight dims, news cameras stop rolling and all that attention fades away, even though the struggles are far from over.

November 9, 2016

This week on Full Frame: Legendary icons

This week on Full Frame, conversations with people of iconic stature. Whether on-screen, over the airwaves or on the runway, their life’s work has entertained, educated and enriched us all.

Jill Farrant
September 24, 2016

Jill Farrant: Resurrecting plants

Scientist Jill Farrant, research chair in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, talks about her research on drought-tolerant crops called “resurrection plants.”

Michael Faye
September 9, 2016

Michael Faye: Giving directly

Imagine giving cash to someone in need, with no strings attached. They could do use it however they chose. It may sound odd, but that’s exactly what GiveDirectly, a top‐ranked international charity, does.